Welcome to Dropholes!


Dropholes! may be the the only new game of its kind in half a century. They don’t make ’em like they used to. If you are like us, looking for something fun & new to call tradition, than look no further. You have found The Only New Ol’ Pub Game In The World. Maybe not the only one… but it sure seems that way.

It is time to bring the the style of old fashioned games back into the light and bring some new family games back into the home. From our family to yours… it’s Dropholes!

See you in front of the ball return.

Take your time and check out some images of the game, read about how it came to be and check out how it’s played. We hope you enjoy what you see and are entertained. Check out the project on Kickstarter to see how progress goes to make Dropholes! become more widely known and affordable.


Dropholes! Needs Your Help

We were seeking backers with a Kickstarter project but didn’t successfully fund on the first round. At the moment, we are revising our approach and will be launching another project down the road. The reality is, creating a game like this and making it affordable is no easy feat. We feel that a pretty good and fun game has been created (which was a lot of work) but now the hard part begins; getting it produced economically enough to make it available for anyone who is also craving a fun new game of this style. While we are working at revising and relaunching on Kickstarter, what we need from you, is for you to share this on your favorite social media as much as possible to help it gain traction.
Let’s get the ball rolling!


Fun And Unique

Dropholes! is a fun and unique game and everyone should have it!

Rating by Brandee: 5.0 stars


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