What is Dropholes!…? Dropholes! may be the only new pub-style game in the world.



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The way the game is played is fairly simple. You role the ball with your fingers from one side of the board in an attempt to reach a score of 21 by knocking rings into the slots and dropping the ball into holes that are worth points. The ball is a little larger than the slots the rings fall into so it stays on the table and the rings can only come off the table into the slots and fall into the catch baskets. When the ball drops into a hole, it then roles back to one end of the board. To see the full set of rules, check out the official rules page.


What are people saying about Dropholes! ?

Dropholes! is a fun and unique game and everyone should have it!

Can kids play?… Yes!

Dad, are we going to play Dropholes! tonight… I want to play!

Dropholes! is fashioned as traditional pub games were, and it is one of the few only new games of its kind. Although it is styled like a pub game, it is perfectly suited for kids, adults and the whole family. As with pool, foosball, darts and shuffleboard, just because a game is fashioned as a pub-style game, there is no reason why the whole family can’t play. It’s only a matter of where the game is played, not who plays the game.

Electronic games, video games, & iPad games are great but let’s face it, they just don’t make games like they used to. The kind of games friends and family can have a semi physical competition and B.S. at the same time have been consumed by electronic & video games. It’s time for the return of the Traditional Pub Game.

Are you not entertained!!? Let the games begin!