Why Make any New Old Fashioned Games?

Why take the time & effort to make a new- old fashioned, traditional style pub game? Aren’t video games taking over. Yes, that’s exactly why we need a fun new game; to preserve these types of games for future generations.

I grew up playing darts, pool & foosball & still love these types of games. The only problem is, nobody is making any new ones. Why? Sure, video games are fun but they are not the same thing. There is just something about the nature of bar sports that makes them so fun. Maybe it’s the fact that you can enjoy playing a sport without putting too much physical effort into it.

I know, for me, a big part of it was growing up watching my dad play darts with my uncles & grandpa & joining in when I was old enough to understand how to play. I still remember the first time I beat my grandpa at darts as a kid. My grandpa was not into “letting you win”. If you beat him at something it was for real & you had to earn it. I think he was as excited as I was because now, he had a challenge. It was “on like Donkey Kong” from there on out. We played darts every time I came over after school from there on.

Classic Old Games

My uncle had a restaurant when I was growing up also. In the back, he had a few pool tables, a number of dart boards and at one point in time various other coin operated games. It was like walking into heaven for me at that age. To make it even better, my uncle would rig games so we didn’t have to pay & could play free all day. Doesn’t get much better than that. I thought it was pretty cool when he held a dart tournament “The Amen Open”. Amen being our last name. Seemed like I was destined to play darts, having a tournament with my last name in it.

And play darts I did, a lot. I could probably count on one hand the amount of times anybody beat me when I was in high school & college. My goal in college was to have game house. Which we did… pool, darts & foosball. Lot of good times. Fairly short lived but maybe that because we spent more time playing than working. I still play a fair amount of darts with my dad to this day. And not only my dad but my wife, mom & brother as well. It’s kind of a family tradition.

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