A New Traditional Pub Style Game

Traditional Pub Game

So with all this in mind, a couple years ago, I set out to find a new “traditional pub style” game to play with my kids (for a Christmas present) in addition to the classics. I wanted something that wasn’t too big (to fit in the house) wasn’t too hard for kids to play or understand, but still had that same level of coordination skill that could be applied to get really good at it with practice.

I was shocked when I started searching online and found absolutely nothing new like this. It seemed as though nobody had attempted to make a new “traditional pub style” game for half a century! I did find some cool classic games from other countries that I wasn’t aware of but nothing that had been recently done. I decided to make a new “classic”.

What I set out to do would prove to be quite a process. Luckily, I have been designing logos & signs for the past few years & had access to design software capable of creating templates & the look of the game. After extensive planning and experimenting it was into the shop to build the prototype. A template was made to hand paint the top of the board, many coats of finish to make it smooth thereafter. After the game board was constructed, it was painted and the plastic catch baskets were formed & painted as well. Once again, my experience in the sign industry came into play. I happened to have already spent some time forming sheet pvc with a heat gun to make various things in the past such as business card holders & newspaper racks.

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